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Do you hate the idea of making your monthly payments to a landlord, but don’t have the cash for a large down payment to purchase a home? With rising costs and heavy debt load facing many potential buyers, there are many who are having a hard time saving up the minimum down payment to buy a home.

Now there’s a solution! This new conventional 1% Down mortgage program is an incredible option for buyers in today’s market. Qualifying buyers now have the ability to put just 1% down, while gaining 3% equity in the bargain. This may be your opportunity for homeownership.

  • 30-year fixed rate mortgage
  • Competitive interest rate with NO LENDER FEES
  • No income limits in Clark County/Nevada
  • Borrower down payment requirement equals 1.00% (this can be a gift)
  • “Equity Builder” – lender funds 2% of down payment
  • 1% from buyer plus 2% from lender equals instant 3% equity to buyer!
  • Owner-occupied purchases only
  • $424,100 maximum loan amount
  • 700 minimum FICO (no late payments)
  • Maximum debt-to-income ratio: 43%
  • Mortgage insurance = reduced coverage at 25%
  • Seller contribution limit = 3.00% (can be used towards impounds)
  • Borrowers cannot own another home at time of close
  • If borrowers have not owned a home in the last 3 years then approved on-line Homebuyer Counseling required

Call 702-485-6600 today for your no obligation quote or click here to submit an application.