Let’s face it, the financial world as we have historically known it – has changed! When the housing bubble burst and the Great Recession hit – it left millions of Americans with no choice but to walk away from their homes. And for some, to declare bankruptcy. These credit blemishes prevent you from obtaining traditional financing for years.

Premier Mortgage Lending is your choice if you’re looking for a 2nd chance at homeownership. We believe there are literally thousands of Las Vegans who deserve the opportunity of owning homes of their own – but just can’t meet the rigid qualifying standards of traditional lenders.

Premier Mortgage Lending provides Private Money Financing Choices for those who have lost a home to short sale or foreclosure – but choose not to rent. Our loan programs require a minimum of a 20% down payment and rates & fees on these programs are higher than for a traditional home loan. But we provide long-term financing at competitive rates, without predatory loan features, and all of our loans have no Pre-Payment Penalty. So you can refinance as soon as you qualify for a traditional loan! We have helped hundreds of Las Vegans to purchase homes after experiencing financial or credit problems. We make loans to credit-worthy borrowers, and help them get back on the path to financial freedom. We believe that homeownership is a key element in the accumulation of wealth – we’ve got to get people back into homes of their own again. Let us help you!!

Visit www.AnotherChanceNevada.com to learn more about your Private Money Financing choices.